Coca Cola


NOBIDONI Design Walter Giovanniello & Arch. Federico Archidiacono

“NoBidoni” extend the separated collection to the bin. The project aims to stimulate awareness of people towards the theme of the separate collection; starting from the analysis of the attitudes of people we tried to create a new system of using and disposing of the containers themselves, which was more immediate and intuitive and that would make even the bin part of separate collection. we are started from two questions:

1 Why producing an object with a long life cycle, when it should contains only refusals?
through an essential riduction, simple sheets of cardboard, PET and alluminium, become containers “use & separate”,replacing a series of objects thought “for a no separated collection” (unbreakable bins and hard to clean).

2 Why to separate trashes just using the colors (yellow, green & blue)?
we propose to separate trashes through the correspondent materials instead of using the colors:paper into cardboard, PET into plastic and glass and tins into alluminium.

The ” noBidoni” are made by the same materials they are gonna contains, and they are gonna recycled with. are made by 100% recycled materials, cardboard, pet alluminium and they will have the minimum strenght usefull to be stand. They are perfectly stackable for making an easier trasport. The project,designed for a famous beverage company, also addresses important issues related to the marketing and communication.It pays to be sponsored and financed by companies of the sector,particularly for use in public places.